Personal Training

Personal Training Personal Training in Wallingford
Do you feel that you need a helping hand in achieving your goals or need some motivational inspiration? 

Maybe you just get bored training on your own and want to find other exercises to keep you interested? By booking in with one of our highly qualified Personal Trainers it keeps your sessions new and exciting and helps you to push boundaries you didn’t think would move!

Let our trainers help you in every area of your life. We can offer advice and support on exercise, diet, motivation and stress relief. We can also rehab or prehab any injuries, aches, pains or niggles with our movement therapy.
We are here to help you achieve your potential and change how you feel in yourself, how you look, how you function and how you continue to live your life.

  • Personal Training / Rehabilitation - £55 - 1 hour
  • Personal Training / Rehabilitation - £45 - 45 mins
  • Personal Training / Rehabilitation - £35 - 30 mins

One of the most enjoyable ways to participate in personal training is to bring a friend or a group of friends along for your session. You then all get a discount on the price per session. We take up to 5 of you at a time and the more there are of you the less the cost of the session for each individual.

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