Gait Analysis

Used in our assessment for movement therapy but equally can be an assessment in its own right. It simply highlights bio-mechanical abnormalities in movement. As movement therapists the foot is one of our first points of call to treat these abnormalities. Rather than buying motion-control shoes that may not be required and may enhance or cause problems, we get your foot working optimally first with us here at Lifestyles, then, if required go to the podiatrist for custom-made orthotics or to the specialist running shops and buy a trainer that suits your true foot type.

What does the session involve?

The session starts by finding out why you have come for a gait analysis by taking down a detailed history of problems, injuries or restrictions. We then carry out an assessment using our pressure footplate and video feedback. We will test your static standing posture and how you walk and if you wish - run over the pressure plate. This analysis includes the following evaluations and recommendations:

  • Arch and foot type evaluation

  • Ankle, knee, hip, and back alignment evaluation

  • Dynamic Movement efficiency

  • Muscle weakness and imbalance check

  • Pelvic rotation check

  • Leg length discrepancy

  • Suggested strengthening exercises

What do we do with the information? 

This is dependent on why you came to us for a gait analysis in the first place. You might be looking to buy new footwear, or maybe you have been told you have flat feet, or you are worried about the way you walk, or maybe you have been told you need to improve the way you run or maybe you are in pain. From the information we gather from the assessment we will advise you what it means, and what we at Lifestyles will be able to help you with.

Scientific papers suggest that 90% of the population suffer with problems with their feet. This has huge impacts up the kinetic chain throughout the body. Using movement therapy we can help with the majority of postural imbalances caused by poor foot mechanics. Have a look at our 'movement therapy' page. 

Cost of Gait Analysis. £55 takes one hour.