BACPR Phase IV Cardiac Rehabilitation

Lisa Treacher qualified as a REPS Level 4 BACPR Instructor in 2003 and is required to revalidate this qualification every three years due to advances in cardiac procedures. With this nationally recognized qualification Lisa is able to safely prescribe and deliver an exercise program for individuals with cardiovascular disease.  After gaining her qualification Lisa spent her first year working alongside the Phase III rehab team (hospital release specialists including nurses and exercise physiologists to work in public gyms) and gained an immense amount of knowledge and experience with regards to prescribing safe and effective exercises. Not only is Lisa committed to helping anyone who has gone through various heart procedures but she has an intuitive understanding towards the client and their family and understands not just the physical effects of heart procedures/problems but also understands the confidence and depressive issues that can arise from such conditions. 

Heart disease is seen as a progressive condition and can be scary to not only the individual who has the condition but also to their family. The key to slowing down and maybe even preventing further disease is changing behaviour towards a healthy lifestyle. With this in mind Lisa can help you to look at diet, exercise/activity on a daily basis, confidence issues, stress factors, smoking cessation and goal setting. 

Lisa can help clients who come under one of the following:

  • Acute coronary syndrome

  • Following revascularisation

  • stable heart failure

  • stable angina

  • following implantation of cardiac defibs and resynchronisation devices

  • heart valve repair/replacement

  • heart transplantation and ventricular assist devices

  • grown up congenital heart disease (GUCH)

  • Other atherosclerotic diseases e.g. peripheral aterial disease, transient ischaemic attack (TIA)

At your initial assessment Lisa will take down your full medical history, your current risk factors and current medication and will decide whether you will be able to join the gym as a member or whether you need to be seen on a one to one basis. If you are deemed as low/medium risk you will be able to use the gym on your own after a program has been written for you. This program will need to be progressive so every few sessions Lisa will reassess you and your program and adapt it where necessary. If you are deemed as high risk then you will need to be seen on a one to one basis.

Each session will follow cardiac rehab protocols of a prolonged 15 minute warm up, various cardio machines and some weights work during the main exercise section followed by stretching and flexibility work and then a prolonged 10 minute cool down. 

To be eligible to come onto a BACPR Phase IV program you should have ideally gone through Phase III at some point and have a referral form with all relevant information required by Lisa. However, we realise this is not always the case depending on circumstances so Lisa would then liaise with your GP and possibly your Cardiac Rehab team who looked after you in hospital.

Depending on your medical cardiac history and your current risk stratification our qualified Cardiac Phase IV instructor will determine what will be best for yourself - a safe and effective program or one to one training.