To everyone

To everyone

It is with a really heavy heart that I am now having to inform you that the gym must close to the general public until further notice.  

Our last day of business will be Monday 23rd March. 1pm closure. 

Please follow us on Facebook for regular updates, video blogs and remote exercise classes and training ideas. 

If you do not use facebook then let me have your email address and we will sort something else out if possible.

For everyone who has paid in advance for a limited period or annually, your dates will get extended to reflect the amount of days we have to be closed.

For everyone who pays monthly and continues to pay you will receive free personal training sessions or treatments as a thank you.

For all those that cancel please rest assured that I understand, and I just hope that you come back to us when all this is over. Your pro-rata payment    for the month you re-join (no re-join fee obviously) will take into account the days we have to be closed.

Personal training, rehabilitation and any other form of 1-2-1 training or treatment is still available until licensing laws are applied, so please contact    me, Mark or Anthony if you wish to find out more. This can either be Lifestyles based or home based.

Myself and my staff will miss seeing you and chatting to you all so please stay in Touch. Stay safe and healthy.

Lisa – Mobile 07485 140708

Mark, Anthony, Ryan and Natalie

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Published: Wednesday, April 08, 2020