Mark Thouless

Interests: Training, Kettlebells, Mountain Biking, Football, Formula 1 & Cricket

Previous Jobs: Website Support Manager, Investment Reviewer, Argos Warehouse Picker!

Qualifications: Level 2 NKT Practitioner, Restorative Breathing, AiM, Kettlebell Instructor, REPS Level 3 Personal Trainer

Likes: Getting people to where they want to go, challenging how people think about themselves and their training, Kettlebell training and Fixing peoples feet!

Dislikes: People who give up too easily or won’t take on new ideas. It was Einstein who said “doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different outcome is the definition of insanity” this really applies to training.

Personal Goals: More courses, the next one is already booked, Neuro Kinetic Therapy in July! Hoping to also do an elite kettlebell qualification, IKFF if it comes to the UK anytime soon! I would also like to compete in a Kettlebell sport competition, for those of you who weren’t aware it was a sport watch

About me: I grew up in Abingdon, went to University in Northampton studying Business. I then went on to work in Banking, Chemical, Safety, and Environmental consultancy. I had a career change into Personal training in 2009 after deciding I couldn’t face sitting in an office anymore. In my spare time I like watching football. I used to have a season ticket at Man Utd but gave it up as it doesn’t now fit with my career. I also like fishing, both on the river and the sea (nothing beats a bit of fresh omega 3!), and Mountain Biking nothing serious bit of cross country stuff, I have tried some downhill once or twice. I now live in Cholsey with my girlfriend Lucinda after we just bought our first place together last December.