Lisa Treacher

DOB: 10/02/69                               

Family Status: Married to Dave, mum to Luke and step-mum to Ryan.

Position: Owner and Personal Therapist

Interests: Martial Arts, Especially Aikido-te and Sword, Running, general gym training, horse riding, climbing and self-development through study of myself and others.

Previous jobs: silk screen printer, graphic designer, mortgage advisor, sales, nutrition and weight management advisor

Qualifications: Reiki Practitioner Level 2, Quantum Touch Therapist, Level 5 Peak Performance Instructor with AiM, NKT Practitioner, Restorative Breathing, BACPR Phase IV Cardiac Rehab, GP Referral, Master Personal Trainer (Dip), Nutrition (Dip), Advanced Circuits, Spin Instructor, Pre/Post Natal, Special Populations

About me: My vision was to have a centre that was unique. A one-stop shop where we could help people to develop a healthy body and mind and for it to be accessible to everybody no matter what their condition or ailment was. A place of energy, friendliness and creativity where everybody would feel welcomed and comfortable. I have such passion for my work and to be able to see a smile appear on someone's face as they achieve something they never thought possible just makes my day. If I can get peoples' bodies to move in a way it hasn't for a long time then that feeling is mind blowing not only for the client but also for me. Going to work feels like playing in my own playground each day.

Likes: Helping people reach goals and setting new targets, whether it's to do with diet, exercise or rehab. To some people the slightest change means the world so I want to help make those changes to become bigger and bigger. I want people to experience a triumphant transition in their wellbeing and ultimately in their lives.

Dislikes: Blame everybody else attitude or the give up attitude. We are all responsible for our own outcomes and
99% of the time something can be achieved even if you need to ask for help, then ask. It could be the best thing you ever did.

Future Business Plans: To build a business that becomes a centre of nourishment in mind, body and soul. To help anyone who wants to transition in their lives whether that is to become fitter, healthier, more balanced and free from emotional ties.

Personal Goals: To keep learning all I can – I believe there is always room for improvement. Life itself is a lesson.

Personal Statement: Dream a dream and turn it into a goal. Make that goal a reality, make your dream come true. Transition to Triumph.