Anthony Richardson

DOB: 01/03/1978

Interests: Triathlon, Rugby, Reading, spending time with family and friends

Likes: Helping people out of pain. Enabling people to acheive their goals and change life limiting views of themselves. The feeling of helping someone acheive a goal that injury or illness has previously prevented them acheiving

Dislikes: People being untruthful with themselves, people who are closed to new possibilities and ideas. Peas and sweetcorn

About me: I was born and bred in Bristol, and grew up playing a lot of Football, Rugby, Cricket and any other sport I could, this has led to a love of Triathlon, despite hating distance running when younger. At University in Cardiff I studied Recreation and Leisure Management, which taught me what I did not want to do, but also introduced me to the world of coaching sports and fitness. Having finally finished Uni in 2003 I trained to become a personal trainer in 2004. I moved to Oxford last year when my girlfriend, Ellie, got a job working at the university.  One final thing is that when I am passionate about something I tend to get verbal diarrhoea

Personal Goals: To help introduce Foundation Training to a UK wide audience. To contiune my professional learning to enable me to help more people out of pain. To beat my PB at Hever Castle Triathlon next September!

Previous Jobs: Gym instructor, Gym Manager, Owner of Anthony Richardson Personal Training, Owner of Bump and Beyond Fitness

Qualifications: Foundation Training, AiM, Pre and Post natal, Gp Referral, Kettlebell Instructor, Suspension Training, REPs Level 3 Adavanced Personal Trainer